Testimonials – PRETTYPARTY AU


We love hearing from you and how PRETTYPARTY has made an impact on your lives and beautiful hair!  Below are some reviews we've received on Facebook, Instagram, and Direct Messages.  


I actually got the ruby dark blonde and I absolutely love it. So easy to use, super soft hair and manageable. I had to exchange it and customer service was AMAZING!!!!!! Never had better customer service than them. Thank you so much for everything. I will definitely be a Pretty Party customer. I'll post a video too

- Melissa G.

I’ve been fooled by clever marketing in the past more than I’d like to admit and been utterly disappointed upon receipt of products.... that is until ordering my Ruby pony tail from Pretty Party! Not only did the color match perfectly but getting the ponytail to look like it was actually my hair was a breeze! It’s so much fun to play with!

- Tamara W.

At first I was nervous to order this on line. I wasn't sure what to expect but I have to say it's well made. The hair quality is good. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it but once I figured it out its quite easy to do. I'm still experimenting on different hair styles. My only issue is I wish I got the dark blond. The medium blond is a little light against my natural color. I may order another in the future but overall, I do recommend this product!

- Melissa A.

This is THE BEST hair piece I have ever owned. And it’s really that easy and fast to put on as video shows (most of the time it’s not the case). I’m soooo pleased with it! Thank you very much for creating such a great product!!! It helps me look more beautiful 👏🏻❤️

- Svetlana A.

Very easy to wear, use some dry shampoo to take away the shine, overall very pleased!

- Crystal A.

Matches perfect. Easy to use. I do wish you would offer the pony tail in a shorter length. Pulling the ponytail through for a shorter length leaves a lot to wrap.

- Tiffany S.


Love all 4 of my Ruby's and my Lucy. So fun and easy to use. Would def recommend to anyone!!!

- Melissa V.


I got mine today and I love it! It's so easy to use. I waited so long to get this because I was afraid I won't like it. So glad I gave it a chance. It's not as heave as INNHAIR.

- CG A.


I just received My RUBY! I must say this Company deserves it All....Their customer Service and Attention to their Customers wants and needs(yes needs) Are beyond any other companies out there. I kept asking for a particular color and they said they will let me know( I was thinking NO THEY WONT) As soon as they color was on their Menu I received an email telling me they had My Color... I ordered it immediately and received it within DAYS! What a pleasure to do business with this Up and Coming Company...Btw...The Quality is Phenomenal and so is the Packaging... I wish You Much success in the years to come...

- Shelby K