We’re not sure which we love more—helping you to look beautiful, or our four-legged, furry, and feathered friends!  So we decided to combine them and have committed to contributing a percentage of our net profits every year to animal rescue charities. Check out some of the animals and birds that have already been rescued with your help!  And take a minute to send us a photo of you with your favorite pet at weloveanimals@prettyparty.com!   

Meet Pancho! He came to us from Marin County, California. Pancho lived on a ranch as an undomesticated, lone camel for 20 years. Today Pancho is thriving and is loved by many.

Meet Margarita! She came to us from a ranch in Northern California and was sent to us to protect all of her little animal buddies!

Meet Eva!  She was rescued after fires burned her home in Oregon.

When you buy our unique products you help support animals like these.