We’re a beauty company doing things differently.  Our products are inspired by you—creative, playful and always pretty—because you don’t follow trends, you set them.  PRETTYPARTY’s do-it-yourself hair designs feature salon-quality products that let you take control of your style without spending hours in a salon or blowing your entire paycheck.  Think eye-catching, insta-worthy looks without damaging extensions, harsh dyes or time-consuming treatments that suck the life out of your hair.  Now you can finally break up with your hair stylist and embrace the hottest thing out there right now—you.

Unlike human hair extensions, our synthetic hair add-ons are completely cruelty-free.  That means you can have the look you want without worrying where your products are coming from.  Our designs let you flex your creative spirit responsibly while actually improving your hair health in minutes. 

And speaking of hair health—we want you to have beautiful, full, vibrant, shiny, and above all healthy hair—with or without our hair designs.  So, we consulted with experts and came up with a nutritional program and then shrank it all down into a vitamin-packed gummy that you can take daily to make your hair look and feel it’s best—for about $1.00 per day. 

We’re starting with hair designs, gummies, and accessories, but we’re far from finished.  Stay tuned for more cruelty-free products to complete your look from start to finish.


PRETTYPARTY is all about letting your unique style shine through.  We’re on the lookout for Designers to show us what gorgeous looks they’re dreaming up, so make sure to tag us and work those angles.  We always love hearing from our talented and beautiful PRETTYPARTY babes. And if you officially come on board as a PRETTYPARTY Designer, you’ll join a team of ladies like you who care about beauty but want to have fun with it—and make money too.  Click here to learn more!


 We love beauty and fashion!  But even more importantly, we know how essential it is to love ourselves and one another.  Therefore, PRETTYPARTY has adopted what we call the PRETTYPARTY Code of Conduct.  We promise you that:

  • We will never test our products on animals.
  • We will always operate with tolerance and respect for all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and viewpoints—so long as they are tolerant and respectful themselves.
  • We will always give a percentage of our profits to deserving charities that support the care, rescue, and proper treatment of animals.
  • We will always act with unquestioned integrity.


PRETTYPARTY was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, home to beautiful people and the hottest beauty trends—and the city where our founder, Laura Mayer, was born and raised.  After graduating from college, Laura turned down a modeling offer from Petite Elite to pursue her passion—teaching.  After several years in the classroom, she bought a horse ranch near LA, which became a hangout for friends and family, to take a break from the city life. 

 Says Laura, “Whether at a movie premiere, a launch party for a new clothing line, an art gallery, or my ranch, I heard the same thing from the hottest trendsetters about their look: there are plenty of options for skin care and cosmetics, but nowhere to turn for fast, easy, cost-effective, and most importantly beautiful designs for hair.  So, I decided to create one.”

 PRETTYPARTY's goal is simple: to provide girls of every age and lifestyle with fashionable hair designs and treatment products that save time, stop the damage, promote hair health, and create eye catching, shareable looks.  Trends aren’t born in ad campaigns, they’re born on the streets where individuality reigns and where style starts with creativity, fun and the right products. PRETTYPARTY and its team of designers are becoming the platform where young women can share the way they style and care for their hair.