I hate Mondays! This weekend I went to a wedding. I had been looking forward to this for weeks and it was a complete zero. Even worse, I spent so much money getting ready for it that my bank account is close to single digits. Just my hair alone was $160 for the cut and another 150$ for hair extensions that turned into a nightmare. You would think something that expensive would at least be painless and fast or at least last until Monday. I think I know now what it feels like to have bad plastic surgery. 

Here I am at my desk, depressed and looking at my reflection on the computer screen. I’m scary looking. Meanwhile, I turn my head and there’s Julie. Flawless hair  worthy of a Vogue ad. Every day she seems to have a new hair style to match her outfits. I want to hate her but she’s so nice and super smart. I try to get my mind back on work.

Ok. It’s still bothering me and I’m now obsessed. I walk over to Julie and smile. “You and I are going to have drinks today and you are going to explain to me how you always look perfect. And especially that Hair!!  She laughs a little and smiles sweetly and says ok…It’s a deal. 

I feel better. Julie and I are drinking as I make her laugh while recounting every bad beauty event I experienced over the weekend. Bad haircut. Gazillion dollar hair extensions that hurt, left my scalp bruised and were the wrong color. Took up my whole Saturday to arrange, so I couldn’t work out, eat lunch and I spent over 300 dollars! All this to arrive late to a boring wedding where I got some negative looks and comments.

Julie looks at me and puts her perfectly manicured finger to her lips to shush me. “Ok, I’m going to change your life. “I’m going to start with Hair and then attitude will follow”.  

She points to her long perfect ponytail that’s better than what I see in a photoshopped Glamour Ad. “Feel this.”  I run my fingers through the length of the pony and it’s like silk. “This is my secret weapon.” ““Now watch.” 

I stare in amazement, mouth open as she unravels the beautiful pony from the jeweled bun on the crown of her head. Then, in what seems like seconds she hands me the prized pony extension, smiles in a slightly wicked but still sweet way and says, “pretty amazing right”.  “Incredible” I say. “Now, Ladies and Gentlemen,” in a purposefully staged voice, “ I will make my hair beautiful again in 30 seconds blindfolded”. There it was – a recreated, flawless gorgeous pony tail. She proceeded to create an updo and other totally unique looks in seconds while I looked on in amazement.

I’ve never seen anything like that. “ Trust me” Julie said.  “I’ve had issues with every aspect of beauty and I’ve had my share of hair disasters to fill a novel. A year ago my girlfriend from the west coast told me about this product and it was a big secret project that one of her friends was creating. I wasn’t allowed to share it with anyone but I’ve been testing the hair extensions for them for almost a year now.” 

“They are amazing! Great colors, styles, salon quality and I’m able to create multiple different styles myself, without a stylist, right before I go to work. Now that they started selling to the public I can tell people about them. The woman who started it was inspired by everything that is wrong in the hair extension world. Check out prettyparty.com

I immediately went back to the office and ordered a hair extension from the PRETTYPARTY website and could not wait for it to arrive. The moment I opened it, I was in disbelief that I was holding what would normally cost me hundreds at a salon. 

PRETTYPARTY hair designs involve no tape, no glue, no clips, no beads and no weaves. This means, they are completely damage free to your hair. 

If you have always relied on salons to maintain your hair, you will not believe how fool proof PRETTYPARTY extensions are. Put them in yourself, in less than 30 seconds. Look like you just came from the salon! Experiment with tons of styles in and out of the office and we promise you will fall completely in love with your new look. 

I am so happy to have found a company that is decreasing the damage we cause to our hair and doing so ethically. Changing up my look is now easier than ever thanks to PRETTYPARTY!