The beauty industry is being completely revolutionized by a new generation of trendsetters. From makeup to fashion, it should always be about making you feel your best. Hair is no exception.
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the PRETTYPARTY! Our 100% cruelty free extensions are made with the highest quality synthetic fibers that look and feel like natural hair. They take less than 30 seconds to put in and style. That means you are saving time and saving yourself from the damage that traditional extensions cause. PRETTYPARTY extensions cost a fraction of the price that traditional extensions do, so you can save your money and a trip to the salon.
We've gotten rid of tape, glue, clips, beads, and weaves because changing up your look depending on how you feel should be easy and damage free. PRETTYPARTY fantasy colors and accessories make doing your hair fun, and that is what we are all about. Meet you at the PRETTYPARTY!