Meet Brittney Pullman!  She is a Beverly Hills hairstylist to the stars. Brittney has been a hairstylist for about 10 years, but you could say she grew up in the industry because both her Mother and Grandmother still own salons and work in the business today. Brittney has seen it all, from the damage of extensions, to a dye jobs gone wrong. 
After learning about PRETTYPARTY, Brittney realized that our unique extensions could be the answer to many of her client's problems. It turns out her clients absolutely loved the fact that PRETTYPARTY hair extensions were so quick and easy. Brittney saw her clients using their PRETTYPARTY extensions for any and all occasions, from formal business meetings, a night out or even a tropical vacation. 
Brittney immediately noticed that PRETTYPARTY extensions do not have that same synthetic shine that low quality, generic extensions often do. Brittney loves that the real hair texture and look of the extensions helped her clients achieve a natural yet put together look. For people who have already suffered the damage that comes with the expensive, time consuming salon extensions, Brittney even found that PRETTYPARTY extensions could hide that damage and cover areas that normal extensions cannot. 
We love seeing hair experts like Brittney Pullman experience PRETTYPARTY and share our extensions with their clients. We can't wait to hear what you think too!